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Monday, May 27, 2013

Canadian Kicking Records

Names such as Morten Andersen, Tom Dempsey, Jason Elam and Sebastian Janikowski are well known as record setting kickers from the NFL. However there are a few countries other than the United States that play football (as opposed to futbol/soccer), and they also have kickers - some of whom have also set records. The rather large tract of land stretching from the northern borders of the USA to the Arctic Ocean is known as Canada, which is home to the Canadian Football League. Following is a brief look at some of the CFL kicking records.

Lui Passaglia holds the career records of 1203 field goal attempts and 875 successful field goals, compiled over the course of a 25 year career. At this juncture no one is even within striking distance of those records.
"Some of us made some plays - ran the ball, threw the ball, made some tackles - so you always felt you were more than just a kicker because we were more than just a kicker," he said. "We did the other jobs, too, and that was the beauty of playing in the Canadian Football League, especially in our position because of the ratio (of Canadian and non-Canadians) to do the multitude of kicking jobs, so that was pretty neat. The key I think is to perform well and to perform well for a long, long time. I never thought I'd last 25 years. I was happy when I got to 10 or 12. I always think of the first game I ever played, where I scored a touchdown (on a pass reception) in 1976 playing in front of your home crowd and the team you grew up watching."
On October 27, 2001, Saskatchewan's Paul McCallum connected on a 62 yard field goal - the longest in CFL history. He currently plays for the B.C. Lions.
"I was pleased the coach gave me the opportunity. Earlier in the week he asked me to show him how far I could kick. I guess I helped make his decision easier."
Dave Ridgway holds three records: most field goals in a season (59), tied for most field goals in a game (8, which he did twice), and most consecutive successful field goals (28).
"Football is the epitome of a team sport. Mine is the last piece of the puzzle, but everybody has to do their jobs equally well in order for me to succeed."
Winnipeg Blue Bombers kicker Justin Palardy currently sits atop the field goal accuracy list at 82.7%.

Looking for more Canadian football? The preseason kicks off June 12th and the regular season begins June 27th. See the full 2013 CFL Schedule.

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