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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Kicks

While Thanksgiving may have a more extensive football history, Christmas Day has also seen a few big kicks over the years:

2010 - Arizona Cardinals 27, Dallas Cowboys 26
After an illegal formation penalty, Jay Feely hit a 48 yard field goal with five seconds remaining to lift the Cardinals to the win.
"When I missed the first one [a 49-yarder], I kind of hit it too well. So I made a decision that as long as I was inside 55 I was going to stay at 80 percent and just groove them. I knew when it started down the middle, I knew it was going to be good."
2006 – New York Jets 13, Miami Dolphins 10
With 10 seconds remaining in a very wet game, Mike Nugent hit a 30 yard FG to win the game.

2004 – Kansas City Chiefs 31, Oakland Raiders 30
Although he had missed two field goal attempts earlier in the game, Lawrence Tynes was good on a 38 yarder with 22 seconds remaining to win the game.
“I got a great snap and great hold. When I kicked that ball, I was very confident because I had hit the other two good, and one got blocked and the other hit the crossbar. I wasn’t down in the dumps at all. I was real positive when I went out there and I knew I was going to make it.”
1989 – Minnesota Vikings 29, Cincinnati Bengals 21
Barefoot kicker Rich Karlis made five field goals (31, 37, 22, 42 and 24 yards) in the first half of the final regular season game of the '89 season, in which the playoff hopes of four teams hung in the balance.

1971 – Miami Dolphins 27, Kansas City Chiefs, 24 (second OT)
The longest game in NFL history. The Dolphins finally won it in the second overtime with a 37 yard field goal by Garo Yepremian.
"Somehow it would—must, surely, on Christmas Day—come to this. That the longest game in the history of American professional football would be decided by the smallest player on the field. That he would not be American-born at all, but a Cypriot, with an accent. That he would be a painter of neckties for profit, and uninhibited in his high good humor. A teller of outrageous jokes on himself, agreeable and gregarious. And cuddly. The people of Kansas City would see him there in the shadow of his Miami teammates and wonder, what is a Garo Yepremian? Did the Dolphins get him for Christmas? And the answer would be that the Dolphins got him two years ago from Detroit, where he was hiding out in his basement painting ties, ashamed to show his balding head after being cut by the Lions. The Lions considered him a clown. And at 6:24 p.m. CST on Christmas Day the Dolphins gave him to the Kansas City Chiefs. Right between the uprights." - John Underwood, SI

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