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Sunday, February 10, 2013

How Do They Make Those Balls?

Football, soccer, and rugby wouldn't be quite the same without game balls. We spend lots of time discussing those who kick, but relatively little time discussing exactly what they kick.  So whether you prefer the round ball or one of the various pointy balls, without further ado, we take a look inside and outside the making of four official game balls.

National Football League
Wilson has manufactured official NFL game balls since 1941. The balls are all hand made at their factory in Ada Ohio, which is toured in the following video:

FIFA World Cup 
Adidas has manufactured the official World Cup soccer balls since 1970, including the Jabulani model for the most recent Cup in South Africa. The following video looks at their development and testing of the Teamgeist model used in the 2006 World Cup in Germany:

Rugby World Cup
Gilbert has manufactured the official RWC balls since 1995, although the namesake dates back to the 1800's when William Gilbert, along with Richard Lindon, began manufacturing rugby balls. The following video on the history and making of a rugby ball looks like it could easily belong in the preceding Wilson video, which is not surprising since American football evolved from rugby:

Australian Rules Football
Sherrin is a brand of football used in Australian rules football and is the official ball of the Australian Football League, designed to its official specifications. The first Australian rules football was invented by T.W. Sherrin in 1880, when he was given a misshapen rugby ball to fix. He designed the Sherrin with indented rather than pointy ends to give the ball a better bounce. Sherrin began production in 1897 in a workshop in Collingwood, which had produced sporting goods since the 1880s.


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