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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jeff Feagles Tributes

On the eve of his official retirement  press conference, we present the following compilation of tweeting tributes to NFL punter Jeff Feagles. Each one of course is limited to no more than 140 characters.

"Congrats to Jeff Feagles on an Amazing career. I was lucky to learn from him while in Seattle and will always be thankful for his help."
Brian Moorman (Buffalo Bills punter)

"Jeff Feagles should be a HOFer. Wish they'd vote punters in."

"My favorite football player. Great guy."
Neil Best (Newsday columnist)

"Jeff Feagles is a class act, the Giants fans are going to miss those angled punts."

"A great man finally hangs it up. Thank you, Jeff Feagles!"
Kimberly Jones (YES reporter)

"Really sad to hear that Giants punter Jeff Feagles is gonna retire. One of the best coffin corner punters in the game today!"

"Jeff Feagles: next stop Canton"

"Feagles is the man!"
Matt Hasselbeck (Seattle Seahawks QB)

"Jeff Feagles you have served a great reign!"

"I'm so upset about Jeff Feagles retiring. The Giants are losing their lone leatherhead."

"If they ever honor Jeff Feagles at a NYG game, I hope the ceremony takes place near the sideline and inside the 5 ... and not at midfield."
Tom Rock (Newsday columnist)

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Anonymous said...

Great comment from the Newsday columnist about holding the tribute inside the 5 rather than at midfield!

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