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Monday, April 27, 2015

Kickers Draft Review

With this year's NFL draft coming up, we take a quick look back at the last 25 years of kicker drafting. Looking over the results in the table below, the following factoids emerge:
  • On average, two kickers are drafted each year
  • A fraction of those are targeted as kickoff specialists rather than placekickers, such as Buehler, Smith, Kimball and Potter
  • Although listed under kickers, some end up doing more punting in the pros, such as Ernster, Dorsch, and Hentrich
  • "Day One" kickers are a rarity, with Janikowski, Kaeding, and Nugent being the most recent exceptions (of course that category is no longer relevant given the rescheduling of the draft scattered across prime time television evenings)
  • The most kickers drafted over the last twenty-five years is three apiece by Cincinnati, Detroit, Kansas City, New England, NY Giants, San Diego, and Seattle
  • Georgia leads the schools with four kickers each drafted

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