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Monday, April 27, 2015

Punters Draft Review

Having previously reviewed the last 25 years of kicker drafting, we now turn our attention to punters. Using the same format (looking over the results in the table below), the following punter factoids surface:
  • On average, two punters are drafted each year
  • Some of the punters also end up handling kickoff duties, such as Morstead, McAfee and Bosher did recently
  • Although some served as backup/emergency placekickers, none became starters in that role
  • "Day One" punters are just as rare as kickers, with Colquitt, Sander, and Maynard being the most recent exceptions (as previously noted, that distinction is no longer be relevant given the rescheduling of the draft scattered across prime time television evenings)
  • The most punters drafted over the last twenty years is four each by Green Bay and St. Louis
  • Tennessee leads the schools with three punters drafted during that time frame

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