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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Role Models, Mentors & Inspirations, part 3

During your younger kicking days, was there anyone in particular that served as a role model, mentor, or inspiration to you?
We've already looked at the first batch and the second round of answers from kickers and kicking coaches responding to the preceding question. Today's third batch of responses travel from the beach to the roof of a barn, with a stop in the Land Down Under.

Filip Filipovic, The Kicking Coach
When I was in college, I worked with Brian Hansen pretty often. He was a punter in the NFL for 17 years - retiring in 1999. He was my source of information and support.

Connor Barth, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
"Definitely my mom and dad. Especially my father. He was the one who forked over all the money to go to the camps so I could get the proper instruction I needed to succeed. Days when I wanted to just go to the beach and relax with friends my dad pushed me to get out on the field and kick because he knew that if I worked I had a chance to be really good. I have to say thank you because I wouldn't be where I am today without him."

Brion Hurley,
"I followed two kickers growing up, Rob Houghtlin (Iowa) and Kendall Trainor (Arkansas). Rob was the most clutch kicker in Iowa history, such as this kick among many other game-winners. I wanted to attend Arkansas early in my high school years (I think I liked their logo), and Kendall was an All-American kicker there around that time."

Nathan Chapman, Pro Kick Australia
Once I got involved I was trying to follow Darren Bennett and his success, and formed a friendship with Rick Sang and Ray Guy but apart from that I was self taught, because I had to be. That’s why I now own Pro Kick Australia, so others don’t have to be self taught and they have a better chance to succeed.

Steve Hauschka, Atlanta Falcons
"Growing up in Boston I was a huge Patriots fan and liked watching Adam Vinatieri. He was so clutch even in the worst field conditions it was scary. I didn't start kicking (footballs) until my sophomore year of college so I had very little time to learn the craft. Thankfully I found a lot of guidance from Coach Steve Wolf. Coach Randy Brown helped develop my skills at the pro level. I owe a lot to these people."

"My father was the originator of the sports specialty camp - Mike Farley's Kickers Camp. It was even written up in Sports Illustrated back in the early 70's... so it gave me entree to some NFL greats. Tom Dempsey, Fred Cox, Eddie Murray, as well as some college standouts including Russell Erxleben and Tony Franklin. But the two best were Jim Bakken and Jan Stenerud. Their encouragement and guidance really gave me the boost I needed to spend a whole lot of summer days on my own, booting balls through posts, over trees and on to barn roof tops."

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