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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kicking in the 90's

We're now a decade removed from the 1990's, however it still seems like it was only yesterday. The decade began with a rare honor for a kicker and ended in infamy.

1991 Jan Stenerud was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame (only player that was solely a kicker).

1991 NCAA decreased the width of goal posts to 18' 6".

1991 Pete Stoyanovich’s 58 yarder in Miami’s 17-16 win over Kansas City is the longest FG in an NFL playoff game.

1991 Super Bowl XXV - NY Giants 20, Buffalo 19: Giants kicker Matt Bahr made what would prove to be a game winning 21 yard field in the fourth quarter. But the kick that will always be remembered is the 47 yard field goal attempt with eight seconds remaining by Bills kicker Scott Norwood. It was "wide right".

1991 World League of American Football (WLAF.): longest FG in league history was 54 yards by Phil Alexander, London Monarchs v. Merton Admirals.

1992 Sandy Tregarthen of Harbor College (L.A.) became the first female to play & score (one PAT) in Junior College game, in 24-21 win over Compton College.

1992 Joe Allison (Memphis State) had his appendix removed several hours after winning the inaugural Lou Groza Award.

1993 Steve Christie's 32 yd FG capped the biggest comeback in NFL history, as the Bills beat the Oilers in the playoffs.

1993-2002 Jason Elam was successful on 371 straight PAT attempts (2-way tie for second most consecutive in NFL) for Denver.

1994 NFL rule changes: Added the option of the two-point conversion after touchdowns; the starting point of all kickoffs was moved back from the 35 to the 30-yard line; kickoff tees used can be no more than one inch in height (previously 3 inches); all field goals attempted and missed when the spot of the kick is beyond the 20 yard line, the defensive team taking possession will get the ball at the spot of the kick; on any field goal attempted and missed with the spot of the kick is on or inside the 20, the ball will go to the defensive team taking possession at the 20; and the 11 players on the receiving team are prohibited from blocking below the waste during a play in which there is a kickoff, safety kick, punt, field goal attempt or extra point kick with one exception, immediately at the snap on these plays those defenders on the line of scrimmage lined up on or inside the normal tight end position can block low.

1994 Super Bowl XXVIII - Dallas 30, Buffalo 13: Steve Christie's 54 yard field goal was and remains the longest in Super Bowl History.

1995 Carlos Huerta made a 53 yard FG, the longest in CFL Grey Cup history, for the Baltimore Stallions in 37-20 win over the Calgary Stampeders.

1995 Morten Andersen made eight 50+ yard FGs (2-way tie for most in an NFL season) for Atlanta. Three were against New Orleans (3-way tie for most in one game).

1996 Chris Boniol made seven FGs (5-way tie for second most in one NFL game) for Dallas against Green Bay.

1996 The NFL Longest FG to win in overtime was a 53 yarder by Chris Jacke, in the Green Bay Packers 23-20 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

1996-2009 Matt Stover was successful on 422 straight PAT attempts (most consecutive in NFL) for Baltimore… the streak is still alive heading into 2010.

1997 Liz Heaston of Willamette University became the first female to score in college game (NCAA Division III), with two PATs in 27-0 win over Linfield College.

1998 Martin Gramatica’s 65 yard FG in Kansas State’s 73-7 win over Northern Illinois, was the longest in college history without the use of a tee.

1998 Gary Anderson was perfect on all 35 FGs. He scored 164 points (most in an NFL season).

1998 Super Bowl XXXII - Denver 31, Green Bay 24 Jason Elam's 51 yard field goal was and remains the second longest in Super Bowl History.

1998 Jason Elam made a 63 yard FG (2-way tie for longest in NFL) for Denver against Jacksonville.

1999 NFL rule change: the dreaded K-ball was implemented for all kicking plays in a game.

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