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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NFL 2010 Preseason Week One K Quotes

Some kicking quotes from the first week of the NFL preseason...

Cleveland kicker Phil Dawson was the big story, all within the final 90 seconds of the Browns 27-24 win over Green Bay. With 1:27 remaining in the fourth quarter, he hit a 58 yard field goal to tie the game. As time expired he hit another field goal, a 46 yarder to win it.
"I’ve kicked them before to tie and win, but those are usually a tie at the end of the game and a win in overtime. I don’t know if it’s ever happened back-to-back in the fourth quarter…. It was a kick we needed and those are the ones I look forward to. I’ve always prided myself on being a guy that tries to make the kick to help this team. In this case, we needed to make a 59-yarder. Everybody else did their job on the team, so it was only fitting that I did mine."
As is often the case, the media's questions to kickers usually focus only on misses. Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant discussed his 50 yard attempt that went wide:
"I thought I hit it pretty well. It was one of those deals where it made a, for some reason, a goofy right turn on me and it straightened out again. I hit maybe one of those every 100 balls. It was not a normal ball flight."
On a very similar note, Baltimore Ravens kicker Shayne Graham also had a 50 yard attempt that went wide:
"Through pre-game, we learned how the wind patterns were and you saw the ball travel. Feeling the wind pattern on the 50-yarder, it felt like it was going to start right and blow back to the left a little bit with the wind in the face. It just didn’t move as much as I thought it did. I thought I hit the ball well."
Dallas Cowboys kicker David Buehler recently commented on his progress and goals:
"I feel like I've transitioned night and day from where I was last year. I wasn't that confident in my field goals and was kind of all over the place. Now, I'm consistent and getting in a nice little groove and my confidence is more than it's ever been right now.... My goal is to lead the NFL again and beat my mark of 29 [touchbacks]. The way I'm hitting the ball these days, I should blow that out of the water."
Two weeks ago, kicker Jason Hanson had minor arthroscopic surgery to clean out his knee. He recently discussed his recovery:
"I think the thought was that, with the proper rehab, I'd be ready for the opener. The goal is to get, maybe, a preseason game in. My personal goal is to get two preseason games in -- we'll see if the doctors agree…. It'll feel better before it's really ready for kicking. Healing takes time, no matter what you do to it."

Regarding a much longer recovery period, Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri discussed his health:
"I feel good that I'm healthy and I'm out there now. I can't wait for the games to start.... It's been a little while, so you knock the rust off a little bit and get back out there. It's about timing and I guess that's why we do preseason."

We'll conclude with some dirt. Field conditions were less than ideal during Miami's 10-7 win over Tampa Bay. Kicker Dan Carpenter described the mess:
"The dirt alone is not a lot of fun, but when you add the rain and the mud to it, it gets a little interesting. I've played on some nasty surfaces in college, but that mud is definitely ranked up in the top three for sure…. It's good practice for us. We get to see the field in the worst condition it will probably ever be, so overall it's a good experience, not only for me, but for everyone."

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