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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NFL 2010 Preseason Week Two K Quotes

Some kicking and punting quotes from the second week of the NFL preseason...

Late in the second quarter, with a 4th and long on the 37 yard line, the Atlanta Falcons opted to go for it with a pass play rather than try a 54 yard field goal attempt. Head coach Mike Smith noted that punter Michael Koenen, who has placekicked in the past, almost got the call:
"Well, Michael Koenen has kicked long field goals. It was a decision that at first we thought we'd go out there and try out. Then I thought better of it and felt like it was the more prudent thing to work on our fourth down and thirteen play, you just never know if it's going to come up during the season."
Baltimore Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff discussed his strong kickoff numbers for the preseason:
"You have to remember that I came [to the Ravens] when it was cold. The ball flies a little easier in the warm weather. Last year, I had a bunch of cold games, and then we went to that playoff game in Indianapolis [which was indoors], I think I had two kickoffs - one was seven-yards deep, and one was three deep. So, again, nice climate-controlled areas.... It's something I pride myself on. I definitely think I've gotten better at it, but also the weather helps."
With his recovery from knee surgery not progressing as hoped, punter Dave Zustadil was placed on IR last week. His replacement, Reggie Hodges commented:
“It’s a tough situation for Dave and his family, but it’s time to step up. I just put my head down and work…. Consistency is the most important thing a punter can bring. That’s been my goal throughout my career, this year especially. I get better every day. I do the detail work on my steps and drop and ball placement. I feel if the groundwork is laid, punting the football the actual punting will be better.”
Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips commented on the status of David Buehler's quest to serve as the placekicker:
"We got two more games. I think our team has confidence in him. That is a big key.But we have two more games. He has more work to do.... He is in a blame situation like the quarterback or the coach. You will blame him for the loss. That is more pressure. It's easy for players to point fingers at the kicker after a miss. If it happens enough and they can see, it causes problems. They don't see the mistakes the right or left guard makes or even the nose tackle. You don't see it like you do a kicker."
After a slow start in camp on field goals, Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby has been hitting them all of late, as punting candidates Chris Bryan and Tim Masthay have improved as holders. Crosby made field goals of 34 and 51 yards against the Seahawks. He discussed the improvement:
“I feel like we’ve put in the work, and it’s really paying off. The operation’s feeling as smooth as it has in awhile, and we’re just putting in the time to make sure it’s perfect. That’s the key. It’s training camp, it’s preseason. We just keep building. It’s looking good, though.”
Houston Texans kicker Neil Rackers assessed the of both himself and his competitor Kris Brown:
“Things went really well from the kicking standpoint. I think we’ve both been so focused on the field goals in practice that our kickoffs have suffered. We’ll work on those this week.”
Last week, San Diego Chargers kicker Nick Novak discussed his career goals for the preseason:
"For me it’s about training every single day with an NFL team and that I am not at home training by myself. That gives me a huge advantage personally when other teams see that I am in camp.... For me it is going out there and getting new film. With me not playing last year, teams have really not seen much tape of me of how I am kicking currently. My goal is not just to get here but to establish myself. Basically, do what Nate [Kaeding] has done for the past 6 or 7 years."
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