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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

George Blanda: A Tweeting Tribute

A selection of tweets from yesterday and today, in memory of George Blanda:

George Blanda, who played until he was 48 years old as a QB and kicker, passes away at 83.

George Blanda played for Bear Bryant at Kentucky, George Halas in Chicago, and Al Davis in Oakland. What a career. RIP, Mr. Blanda.

Sorry to hear of the passing of George Blanda, he was probably the best and most versatile player that ever came out of Kentucky.

George Blanda never made All-SEC or All-Am. or even kicked a field goal while at UK. However he was a STAR in the NFL.

George Blanda is gone. It seemed like he'd go on forever. I remember watching him w Houston Oilers & "bowling ball" Charlie Tolar in AFL.

Got to see Blanda in early '60s when he was QB/Place kicker for the Oilers. He was in his 40s then & tough as nails.

Blanda helped the Oilers win AFL titles in 1960 and 1961 and said he would always think of himself as an AFL player.

Awww. Hall of Fame Oakland Raiders QB George Blanda passes away. 1st superstar I remember from watching pro football when I was a kid.

In 1970, Blanda's last-minute heroics as QB & kicker resulted in four Raiders victories and last-second tie. He was 1970 AFC Player of Year.

Blanda was the Raiders' kicker and backup QB when I was a kid growing up in CA. I can remember his straight-on kicking style.

I remember him sticking a 53 yarder for the win! Forgot the game, but he was a badass kicker and QB!

George Blanda is gone. One of my heroes has passed. RIP #Kickers

Blanda in the NFL from before the Korean War began until nearly the end of Vietnam. Nolan Ryan only other 4-decade HOFer I can think of.

Class of 1981 enshrinee George Blanda dead at 83. He played 26 seasons, was enshrined in Canton in 1981.

RIP George Blanda who proved that athletes can compete successfully well into their 40's.

Ahhh, dangit. George Blanda has passed away. He was one of my favorites! Good QB, Good straight toe Kicker. Rest in Peace, Mr. Blanda.

It always amazed me that Blanda had played in the 40's, that seemed so ancient to me in my early 70's youth. Loved the back of his card.

George #Blanda 1 of most interesting people in NFL history. There are 2 kinds of QBs, Type A that give instruction & Type B that take them...
George #Blanda was Type AAA. He gave instructions & took them from almost nobody.

RIP George Blanda. You gave me many good memories of what Football should be played like & did it for 26 years!!

And a little bit of our childhood dies as well.

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