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Thursday, September 16, 2010

UFL 2010 Specialists

The United Football League kicks off its second season this weekend. Having expanded to five teams, that means that fifteen specialists will be at work.

LS Aaron King, Texas El Paso
P Tom Malone, USC
K Fabrizio Scaccia, St. Lucie West Centennial High School

In a recent interview, Fabrizio discussed landing in the UFL:
"I couldn’t sleep (Wednesday) night because I knew the final cuts were (Thursday). I’m at a loss for words. I don’t know how I’m here right now. A year ago I couldn’t imagine this.... A year ago I was playing semipro football and not knowing what to do with my life, really. Then it just blew up. After that 68-yard kick, it started happening."
LS Ryan Senser, Ohio
P Ken Parrish, East Stroudsburg
K Nick Novak, Maryland

LS Jaret Retkofsky, TCU
P Jy Bond, Australia
K Taylor Mehlhaff, Wisconsin

Taylor recently updated us on his camp experience:
"We've been working very hard through training camp and practices in preparation for our first game Saturday. Camp has gone well. I'm kicking the ball really well right now and with a lot of confidence. The UFL provides a great opportunity to play football and I'm excited to be here in Hartford. I'm very fortunate and blessed to be in the position I'm in and I don't take it for granted! Just like the NFL, you worry about taking care of your business and taking it one day or even one kick at a time."
LS Rigo Morales, Texas A&M Kingsville
P Danny Baugher, Arizona
K Parker Douglass, South Dakota State

LS Matt Overton, Western Washington
P Justin Brantly, Texas A&M
K Jeff Wolfert, Missouri

Jeff recently updated us on his journey to winning the kicking job:
"It's been a long road to landing a starting spot with a Professional football team. I traveled to four different open try-outs for UFL teams and finally received a closer look from the Omaha Nighthawks. Based on my tryouts with them, I was invited to minicamp for a closer look. I did very well at minicamp and a few weeks later I was offered a contract. Signing with the team was not a guarantee of a roster spot. I was the second placekicker they signed. I beat out the first kicker during the first week of fall camp and then with two days left before final cuts the team brought in a more experienced kicker, Justin Medlock. I was concerned I may be replaced solely based on my lack of professional experience. Turns out I did well enough over the course of camp and the few days heads up against my competition that the team decided to stick with me.
From minicamp to this week, I believe there are only a select few players that are still with the team. A lot of experienced and talented NFL veterans have been signed to fill roster spots. With all of this turnover I feel fortunate to still be kicking. I am enjoying the rest of my bye week right now and feel I am kicking at a higher level than I ever have before."

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