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Monday, October 11, 2010

717 Field Goals

In yesterday's NFL games, all the kickers combined went 56-of-66 on field goals. Of course the totals could have been higher if the offensive coaches and players weren't for some strange reason so focused on scoring touchdowns and if the defenses weren't as focused on preventing any scoring, but those are topics for another post. And those numbers do not take into account any practice kicks that occurred. Nonetheless, during that same time Craig Pinto hit 717-of-981 field goals in his Kicking 4 Celiac event. In between kicks, he managed to give us hourly Facebook updates on the proceedings:
7:00am: Off to break a world record...

9:00am: 1st hour down, 80 field goals in the books. 420 more!

10:00am: 2 hours done. 148. Tired mofos.

11:00am: 3 hours in. 225.

12:00pm: 4th set done...302

1:00pm: Round 5 done. 380.

2:00pm: Round 6 done. Five and a half hours in the book. 448.

3:00pm: Newwww world record folks. 521. Lunch break time.

5:00pm: 605...

7:00pm: 655. On the verge of vomiting.

8:00pm: Kicking4Celiac event officially over. Record set. Point made. 717 field goals.

8:30pm: My leg is killing me.
This morning: Can't. Move. Anything.
Congratulations to Craig on setting a new Guinness World Record. More importantly,  kudos to Craig for raising funds for and awareness of Celiac Disease.

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