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Monday, October 4, 2010

Folk & Scobee: Lightning Strikes Twice and Thrice

Last year, Washington kicker Erik Folk hit a game winning field goal to give the Huskies an upset win over the USC Trojans. Of course that couldn't possibly happen again this year, could it?
"I was just thinking about making it — I wasn’t thinking about the situation at all or what happened last year."

Twice before (2004 and 2008), Jacksonville kicker Josh Scobee has hit 50+ yard game winning field goals to give the Jaguars upset wins over the Indianapolis Colts. Of course that couldn't possibly happen again this year, could it?
"Each one gets more and more fun. That one in particular because last year we had numerous attempts over 55 and I wasn't happy with the way I hit any of them. So this one I just told myself, 'Stay calm, make a good clean strike and the ball should go true. Yeah, I knew [it was good]. I knew it was going to be right down the middle. And normally when I hit one I can look up and know if it's going to be good or not with the distance. I was told [the kick was good] by 3 yards but I don't care if it was one inch, I'm happy with that."


Anonymous said...

As a former kicker there has always been something I've wondered about and this vid brought it back to mind. In this situation of a very long FG, as the ball is dying but still just going to make it - why can't the safety/return man jump and knock the ball down? After all, wouldn't it simply be a very late attempt to block the kick? The ball can be returned if short, after all. We've all seen guys spike the ball over the crossbar, so the height wouldn't be a problem...Just a thought!

Mike Herman said...

Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1, subsection (s): "Goal-tending by a defensive player leaping up to deflect a kick as it passes above the crossbar of a goalpost is prohibited. The Referee could award three points for a palpably unfair act (12-3-3)."

(Thanks to Maurile Tremblay for looking this up)

Anonymous said...

Oh well - I guess the rule-makers got there first :) Thanks for taking the time to look that up! I'd love to have seen somebody try it - especially in Arena football, with the higher cross-bar...

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