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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NFL Week Seven: Running, Unrunning, Kicking & Rekicking

Legendary Browns' running back Jim Brown averaged 5.2 yards per carry during his career. While that is certainly impressive, it pales in comparison to the 34.0 yard career average of current Browns' ball carrier Reggie Hodges (who also does some punting). During the upset win over the Saints on Sunday, Hodges ripped off a 68 yarder on a fake punt.
"That was the play that was called. That was how it was supposed to be run. The guys take off to the outside, and the middle was supposed to be open. It was just my job to go get a first down."
Hodges also noted afterward:
"It was fun to get out there and play a little football today.... I was shot [following the run]. I’m a punter. Those guys are running 4.2s out there. I’m not running away from many people."
Sunday saw three game winning field goals. Billy Cundiff's 38 yarder in overtime gave the Ravens a 37-34 win over the Bills.
"I felt like I was in a good rhythm. So when I got out there, I just did exactly what I did on the previous two tries."
In the Panthers 23-20 win over the 49ers, John Kasay hist a 47 yard field goal in the first quarter, a 55 yarder in the third quarter, and then the 37 yard game winner with 39 seconds remaining.
"It was fun to watch good things happen to the group of guys.It's a testimony to them, 'keep battling'. They kept fighting, even when things didn't go quite well, it wasn't like 'oh gosh, here we go again'."
Trailing by two points the Steelers scored a TD on quarterback draw. But replay showed that they had fumbled the ball before crossing the goal line, so it was negated. But the officials had never sorted out who recovered the ball, so the Steelers retained possession. Jeff Reed then kicked a field goal to give them a 23-22 win over the Dolphins.
"The play was so bizarre. I was running out to kick an extra point, then it turned out to be a field goal to win the game. It was a short one, but it's the toughest 18-yard field goal that I've kicked."
David Akers made four field goals (25, 46, 46 & 28 yards), however it wasn't enough as the Eagles lost 37-19 to the Titans. Connor Barth made four field goals, and that was enough as the Buccaneers won 18-17 over the Rams.
"Those are weird games, when you get opportunities like that. You go from you might kick one in one game and all of a sudden you get four. I'm just happy as hell to bounce back from last week and keep things rolling."
Dan Carpenter made five field goals (39, 23, 22, 37 & 40 yards), however it wasn't enough as Miami lost as previously noted. Olindo Mare made five field goals (20, 31, 51, 24 & 26 yards), and that was enough as the Seahawks won 22-10 over the Cardinals. Actually, that was only half the story. He actually attempted ten field goals, making nine of them. His first attempt was blocked, but the defender was offside and Mare made the subsequent 20 yarder. His 51 yarder began as a 31 yarder negated by a holding penalty and then a 41 yard re-kick also negated by a holding penalty. The 24 yarder was preceded by a 46 yarder taken off the board following a defensive penalty and subsequent first down. The 26 yarder began as a 21 yarder negated by a delay of game penalty.
"The good thing for us is that we just kept getting reps on that hash, so you can kind of get in a little groove. When you start getting into a rhythm, it helps you out a lot. I guess it’s like a quarterback throwing a lot. It’s no different for us. We get that feeling and that confidence where nothing is going to happen. I just do my own job and not worry about anything else."

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