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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Super Camping

We'll start with a quick multiple choice quiz... What is Super Camp?
A. The ultimate camp ground with all the amenities of the 21st century, 
     so one can go camping yet feel like they never left home.
B. The quintessential camping retreat, completely removed from the
     modern world... just you and Mother Nature.
C. A concise description of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
D. An annual event that brings together a team of highly respected
     kicking coaches and where kickers, punters and long snappers have a
     unique opportunity to showcase their talents in four separate divisions.

Since this is the Kickology website, and not a campology blog or a Rocky Horror fan site, option D is of course the correct response. Back in January of this year, Super Camp IV was held in Tampa Florida. Coming up in January of 2011, Super Camp V will be held in San Antonio Texas. NCS founder and former NFL kicker Michael Husted discussed the event:
"This Super Camp is unique in that we will have the best kicking coaches in the country assembled in one location to effectively teach and evaluate talent. Having current and former NFL players as well as UFL and NCAA players being part of this camp will provide a professional, comprehensive and competitive experience. Our partnership with the US Army All American Bowl, which gives us the authority to choose the kickers and punters for this game, proves that we have a very objective and efficient platform that provides instruction, evaluation and exposure for specialists."
Super Camp features & highlights:
  • Current and former NFL players in attendance
  • Current and former NCAA players in attendance
  • Valuable network that will contact and follow up with college coaches
  • Camp held at the historic Alamo Stadium
  • Official NCS Charting
  • Use of our new objective NCS Player Rating system
  • Results will be distributed to, and
  • Chance to get placed on the "Watch List" for the 2012 US Army All Star Game
  • Head to Head tournament style event to determine Super Camp Champions
  • Winners receive prize packages from Wizard Kicking
  • College division Kickers will be required to kick off the ground and use a 1" tee for kickoffs
  • Comprehensive first class learning experience
  • Optional filming available for charting session
The NCS Network consists of expert instructors with NFL and College level experience, including:
  • Billy Cundiff - current Baltimore Ravens kicker
  • Michael Husted - former NFL kicker
  • Mike Hollis - former NFL kicker
  • Louie Aguiar - former NFL punter
  • Mitch Palmer - former NFL long snapper
  • Tom Feely - Father of current Arizona Cardinals' kicker Jay Feely
  • Lee McDonald - former Rutgers' kicker
  • Dan Orner - former University of North Carolina kicker
  • Chris Shaw - former University of Louisiana at Lafayette punter
This camp offers kickers, punters and long snappers a unique opportunity to showcase their talents in four separate divisions based on grade level for the 2010/2011 school year.
  • College (Seniors, College Transfers, Junior College and College Eligible)
  • Varsity (Juniors)
  • Jr. Varsity (10th grade)
  • Freshman (9th grade and below)
We'll conclude with a video from the previous Super Camp... featuring no RV's, no waterfalls, and no Time Warp musical numbers... just kicking, kicking, and more kicking:

This post sponsored by the National Camp Series.

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