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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NFL Week Nine: Three Overtime Field Goals

Three of Sunday's thirteen games went into overtime. Each was won with a field goal. In Oakland, the Raiders won a key AFC West match-up with a 23-20 win over the Chiefs. Sebastian Janikowski hit a 41 yard FG with three seconds remaining in regulation to tie the game and then hit a 33 yarder in overtime to win it.

In Minnesota, the Vikings pulled out a 27-24 win over Arizona. They scored two two fourth quarter touchdowns to tie the game, and then Ryan Longwell hit the 35 yard game winner in overtime.
"They're all tough. I don't like the words 'chip shot' or 'gimme.' There's just as much pressure on Cullen [Loeffler, the long snapper] and [punter/holder Chris] Kluwe as there is on me in that situation. Those guys are awesome. They give me a chance to aim where I want and hit it."
In Detroit, the Jets needed a fourth quarter touchdown and Nick Folk's 36 yard field goal as time expired to tie the Lions. New York then won the game on Folk's 30 yarder in the extra period. The NFL made the rule change this past offseason to prevent games from being won by a field goal on the opening possession of overtime in the playoffs. Folk however was thinking that also applied to the regular season:
“I saw that it was second down and I’m doing my pre-kick routine and Mike [Westhoff, special teams coordinator] yells over to me, ‘Come on, we’re kicking’. I was thinking, ‘It’s only third down. Shouldn’t we be trying to score a touchdown?’ This is what I thought: We needed a touchdown [to win the game]. A field goal was obviously good, but I thought [the Lions] would have one possession to either kick a field goal to tie or score a touchdown to win it....
That is why that might have been the worst game-winning celebration ever. When I made it, I turned to go get ready to kick off. Then I saw everyone running onto the field and was like, ‘OK, we won. Woo hoo’."

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