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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mitchell Talk: The Big Kick

While kicking a football at anytime is a rewarding experience, some kicks obviously acquire much greater significance based on the circumstances. We asked this year's finalists for the Fred Mitchell Award the following question:
What was the biggest kick or game of your career so far?
Following are their responses.

Gregg Berkshire, Ashland University
"My biggest kick in my career, although it wasn’t in a real game, would have to be during our Spring Game after my freshman year. My two roommates, who I have known since I was like five and have played every sport together and now college football at Ashland University, were on the other team. During the whole week leading up to the game there was a lot of trash talking going on in our room. In the end I ended up hitting a field goal as time expired to win the game and I still let them know to this day that I was on the winning team."

C.J. Gradoville, Morningside College
"The biggest kick of my career would have been the 47 yard field goal I hit at halftime against Northwestern College. We were down 17-9 and the offense was struggling. It gave us a little momentum going into the half. We ended up winning the game by 3 and had we lost the game we wouldn't have made the playoffs."

"The biggest kick of my career was when I was a senior at Lincoln-Way East High School playing our rival Lincoln-Way Central. At that time, Lincoln-Way Central had never beaten us and with about a minute left in the game, I made the go ahead field goal. The feelings were completely overwhelming and I felt like I was on top of the world."

"I believe that the biggest game the field goal kicking unit has had is our first playoff game against South Carolina State on November 27th, 2010. I say as a unit because our holder, snapper, and I (kicker) have been together from the start. We were able to get on the field three times to contribute with points and came out successful all three times. It was special for us because in our time here at Georgia Southern we had not been fortunate enough to make the playoffs. So, being our first ever playoff game, and being able to help our team with thirteen points, three field goals and four extra points, was very important for us."

"The biggest game of my career was against the University of Montana during the 2009 season where I went 3 for 3 including a 47 yard field goal with seven seconds left to send the game into overtime."

"The biggest game of my career was at Yale in 2008. We were down 7-0 at halftime and I kicked three second half field goals, the final one from 34 yards with less than 5 minutes remaining to put us up 9-7. The defense did the rest and it was without question the biggest win of our season and really was the start of the re-emergence of Penn football in the Ivy League."

"I think the game winner in overtime against North Carolina Central at home in the Georgia Dome was my biggest kick. The feeling of doing that and then getting rushed by my team after the kick was incredible."

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