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Monday, December 13, 2010

NFL Week 14: Cardinals Unleash Jay Feely

Prior to the Denver at Arizona game, the kicking news belonged to the Broncos. With Matt Prater suffering a groin injury, Denver signed Steve Hauschka on Saturday to handle the kicking this week. Prater noted beforehand:
"It's been bothering me for about two weeks. It stinks because I hear it's going to be nice and warm down there."
After the game, the kicking news definitely belonged to the Cardinals. In their two prior games, Arizona had managed only six points on both occasions, settling for a pair of field goals each time. This week they handed over the reigns to kicker Jay Feely and let him run with it (figuratively and literally). In the 43-13 win, he scored the first 22 of their points. Fifteen of them came on field goals of 36, 48, 55, 23 & 49 yards. The other seven resulted from a fake field goal which Feely ran in for a five yard touchdown, plus the subsequent extra point. Some of his teammates finally joined in during the fourth quarter with a few touchdowns to pad the score, which also gave him another three extra points.
Feely's 25 total points were the second most ever in the NFL by a kicker in one game.

Afterward, Feely discussed the touchdown run:
"As soon as I caught the ball, I kind of knew I was going to make it because they had rushed pretty hard on that corner.... It was a big moment to get that touchdown and sort of jump start our offense."
He also commented on his multi-pronged attack:
"I have decent speed. I’m getting up there in age, but I kind of like to think of myself as an athlete and not just a kicker. Hopefully today I did a little bit of both to prove that."
Lastly, he put to rest the ongoing questions about his gloves:
"Yeah, I can stop getting all those questions from people about why I wear the gloves. If you have the fake and you want gloves on to handle the ball, you don't want to tip them off by putting them on. It's for tackles as well as onside kicks, and it looks kind of cool, too."

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