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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa's Final Stop: Arizona

Next holiday season when we update the history of Christmas Kicks, the 2010 game will certainly be added to the list. In last night's game at Arizona, the Cardinals built an early 21-3 lead. The Cowboys rallied, taking their first lead of the game on a touchdown with 1:41 left in the game. They would have taken a three point lead, but Dallas kicker David Buehler's extra point attempt hit the left upright and the lead remained at two points.
"I think I just rushed it a little bit, hooked it a little to the left. I feel bad for Stephen [McGee]. He drove the team down there and we scored the touchdown. PAT's are something that's almost got to be automatic. You've got to put it through the uprights."
Pundits often like to note that missed extra points will come back to haunt you. That thought was reinforced last night when Arizona kicker Jay Feely hit a 48 yard field goal with five seconds remaining - winning the game rather then just tying it. Afterward, he discussed the kick in the context of an earlier attempt:
"When I missed the kick early in the first quarter, I hit it too well. I made up my mind, 'OK, I'm just going to stay at 80 percent as long as I'm inside 55 yards.' So both the 49-yarder and the 48-yarder, I didn't try to crush them. I just wanted to groove them and I knew if I hit them well and hit them smooth and started them on line that they would make it."
Moments after the game concluded, Feely sought out Buehler on the field. Buehler later summarized their brief discussion:
"He said he had a season when he missed three game winners and it was the best thing that happened to him. He said it made him stronger and you've just got to come back from it. It was good to hear that."

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Coach Tom Feely said...

Great article, Mike. Describes what happened perfectly. A little known point of interest, on the 2nd attimeout at 49 yards in last nights Cardinals win, Jay called time out himself. IT APPEARED he was icing himself, but when I asked him after the game he told me one of his teammates was late getting on the field. JAY did nit want to rush the kick so he called the timeout.

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