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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kicking in the Snow

It's January which means it's time to take a look back at several memorable football games, all three of which prominently featured snow and kicking.

1950 Michigan vs. Ohio State
“It was like a nightmare.  My hands were numb (and blue).  I had no feeling in them and I don’t know how I hung onto the ball.  It was terrible.  You knew what you wanted to do, but you couldn’t do it.” 
 - Vic Janowicz, Ohio State HB/K/P

2007 Cleveland vs. Buffalo

"When this organization set out nine years ago, it kind of envisioned this is what Cleveland Browns football is all about," Dawson said. "A game late in the year, at home, with a chance to go to the playoffs in just horrible weather and the Browns coming out on top." 
- Browns kicker Phil Dawson

2001 New England vs. Oakland

"I kind of line-drived it, but when I looked up I knew it was going to be straight enough. I had to wait to see if it would be long enough. It was time to be happy after that." 
- Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri

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