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Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year's Coaching Resolutions for 2011

When we asked kickers about their New Year's resolutions for 2011, there was an underlying theme to their answers. 
That was even more true for kicking coaches.

John Matich,
The Kicking System
"I would like to create more inspiring kicking content, drills, blogs, videos, etc. Connect with as many kicker and punters as possible. And commit to all the loyal TKS followers, students and give them the kicking information and coaching they deserve."

Mike McCabe, One On One Kicking
"To create more monsters in the industry of kicking."

Nathan Chapman, ProKick Australia
"My resolution is to have our punters PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE directional punting, it seems to be hard for a lot of guys in the NFL so we need them better prepared before they get there."

"I'd like to help more high school kickers and punters get college scholarships and football playing opportunities."

"To coach the Best Technique, but then the Mind to "Reflex" correct athletic execution."

Craig Hentrich, LEGacy Kicking
"Use my knowledge and experience to make a positive difference in young kickers/punters lives!"

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