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Thursday, February 3, 2011

SB XLV MVP, part 1

Who will be the MVP of this year's Super Bowl: Tim Masthay, Jeremy Kapinos, Mason Crosby, or Shaun Suisham? We asked kickers, punters, snappers, and coaches that very question. Coming off his strong NFC Championship Game performance, Masthay garnered the most votes.

Tim Masthay.

Masthay. Steelers will lose, so Crosby won't be a big factor, so the punting field position will go to Masthay.

Craig Hentrich, LEGacy Kicking
Mason Crosby. This means the Packers will win!

Kyle Stelter, Special Teams University
Tim Masthay - If the Packers have to punt, Tim will definitely be the guy to pin the Steelers deep every time. He has the ability to hit some great punts!

Shane Andrus, Andrus Kicking
Tim Masthay. Good kid and very deserving of a ring. He and I are from the same small high school in Murray Kentucky. Our high school was about 400 total kids so it's pretty rare for two guys in same high school make it to pro ranks. Right now our high school has the best kicker in the state of Kentucky. Very tradition rich with kickers. Obvious choice to wish Tim a great game and all of Murray, KY is rooting him on.
I like Shawn Suisham's chances for a potential MVP. Not only is he a good ole' Canadian boy, but I like his confidence with his holder right now! He's been money as of late as well. It looks as though he has established great chemistry with the Steelers and should be their "guy" for years to come. Go Steelers!!

I'm going to go ahead and say none- I'm predicting that Aaron Rodgers will be the Superbowl MVP! The way that the Packers offense operates indoors is too efficient to be stopped!
[Editor's note: after we tried to give Rob a hard time for selecting a QB rather than a kicker or punter, he gave us the following supplemental response...]
I will vouch for specialists as much as anybody else! I just feel that Aaron Rodgers is going to take this game and run with it though! Of all of the specialists though, Masthay has done an incredible job angling the ball out of bounds virtually negating the opposition's return game. I expect him to punt a great game again on Sunday.

Overall I think both teams are pretty evenly matched. Both have great offenses and defenses. But I think it will come down to the Packers Kicker Mason Crosby, who will kick the go ahead/ game winning field goal. But I feel that Mason has the edge of Suisham. Even though Suisham has been in the league for 5 years and Crosby 4, Crosby has more game experience to help him out. Career kicking: Crosby 107 FGs and 188 extra points and Suisham 101 FGs and 120 extra points. According to linked is a break down of a team by team kicking numbers in 2010-2011. Although their numbers are fairly close, I still think that the Packers will have more Field Goal opportunities because the Steeler defense has the edge and will hold the Packer offense a few times near the red zone.

John Matich, The Kicking System
I think this year Super Bowl MVP will be all the kickers and punters. Every kick and every point is crucial in a game such as the Super Bowl. One kick could decide the fate of the game. Of course being a kicking coach I hope the Super Bowl comes down to a potential game winning field goal. It quite simply is the most pressure play of all of sports. With millions watching around the world, rivaling the World Cup Finals, you cant even describe how much pressure lies on that one kick. We decided to compile a few videos to show some recent game winning kicks. Of course we hope special teams plays a huge important role in this game.

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