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Monday, March 5, 2012

Toe Tags (Franchise)

Since NFL free agency began back in 1993, sixteen times a kicker or punter has received the franchise tag - all within the past decade, and six of them this year. Who were they? What did they have to say?

2012 & 2011 Phil Dawson,
Cleveland Browns
"It would be the second time around, so I'd probably feel a little different than last time. Last year was so weird with the lockout, no one knew the timetable of anything. This will be a little bit more of a normal-type calendar, normal communications. You couldn't even talk to people last year. I'll probably feel different, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I can't necessarily predict."

2012 Mike Nugent,
Cincinnati Bengals 

2012  Josh Scobee,
Jacksonville Jaguars
"Thank u fans for the support but u should know the franchise tag ISN'T good for players. Long term deal is the objective."

2012 Matt Prater, Denver Broncos

2012 Steve Weatherford, New York Giants 
"Great news for me today!!! So stoked to be back in BLUE!!! Love the NYG fans!!! Here's to another fairy tale year. Let's do it again!!!"

2012 Connor Barth, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2010 Olindo Mare, Seattle Seahawks
"Obviously, I'm very excited to play back in Seattle. I'm happy. I'm on the team for one year. If I perform well again like I did the last two years, then I'll make it my goal to make their decisions hard."

2010 Jeff Reed, Pittsburgh Steelers

2009 Shayne Graham, Cincinnati Bengals
"I appreciate the Bengals' recognition of my value to the team. I would have preferred to enter a long-term market value contract, either with the Bengals or through free agency. I will be committed to helping the Bengals win football games in the 2009 season. I truly appreciate the support of my teammates and the great fans of Cincinnati."

2009 Michael Koenen, Atlanta Falcons

2007 Josh Brown, Seattle Seahawks
"It's one of those things you have no control over. The only thing you can control is how well you play. I did a good job last year getting myself into a position where they had to do something. I'm going to continue to work that way. The franchise tag is quite a privilege for a field goal kicker."

2005 Adam Vinatieri, New England Patriots

2003 Todd Sauerbrun, Carolina Panthers

2002 Adam Vinatieri, New England Patriots

2002 Jason Elam, Denver Broncos
"It took me off the market, to establish where I thought I should be. Just like anyone else, I just want to be treated fairly.... I know the kicker is never going to be the priority, but it would be nice to go ahead and get this done, so I can plan my future and so the Broncos wouldn't have to worry about a kicker for a long, long time."

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