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Monday, March 14, 2011

RBS 6 Nations: Week 4 Kicking

Mirco Bergamasco 17 points (1 conversion & 5 penalty kicks)
"We didn't like certain comments made by the French press, who have in recent years questioned our right to compete in the Six Nations. Without a doubt, we definitely deserve to be in this tournament.... I was shaking after I missed my second penalty attempt. But then I told myself I would not miss any more kicks and that was the case.... This victory is the most beautiful of all. It's the one victory that has given us the most satisfaction."
Morgan Parra 16 points (1 conversion & 3 penalty kicks; 1 try)

James Hook 11 points (1 conversion & 3 penalty kicks)
"The boys were superb. We have trained really hard. Two wins on the road and this win here, we go to France with confidence."
Leigh Halfpenny 3 points (1 penalty kick)

Ronan O'Gara 8 points (1 conversion & 2 penalty kicks)
"I hit 950 a while back and then it stalled and I did wonder if it would ever happen. Life is all about learning, whether you have a hundred caps or one. The big thing I learnt was the need to enjoy my rugby — not to feel, as I did, that every result was down to how I played. There comes a stage when you have to release that pressure valve. I’ve done that and I’ve been playing better than I have in a long while."

Toby Flood 12 points (4 penalty kicks)
"I learned from a young age about Jonny's work ethic. Your eyes are taken to the back of your head when you realised what he was prepared to go though to achieve what he wanted to do. He was peerless during my time at Newcastle and different to anything else that was going on. Seeing a guy like that who was at the top of his game, made me realise as an 18-year-old coming into that side that I had to raise my game. I have taken that through to how I prepare for games. I have fond memories of playing (together) at Newcastle. For certain phases I would be first receiver and, for others, I would be second receiver depending on what was needed. I have always enjoyed that. Our relationship is a huge help to each other and the team and something that I feel very comfortable in."
Jonny Wilkinson 5 points (1 conversion & 1 penalty kick)
"I am fully respectful of the situation. It's been a good relationship where we can tell each other what to do and discuss what is needed. We have been blessed to have had that opportunity. At Newcastle, whatever number you had on your back became irrelevant and we pushed each other to try to have every skill we needed. I see it as a 'win-win' relationship. I am desperate to see the best of what Floody can do for England's sake and I have been in a privileged position to have seen that from day one. I want to see where he can go. And, in seeing that, it helps me raise the bar as well. There is a (mutual) respect there. We help each other and then repay that to get the best out of each other. Floody has played exceptionally well and he deserves his chance."
Chris Paterson 8 points (1 conversion & 2 penalty kicks)
"It showed our defence was better. It was a strange, unstructured game, good to watch I guess. It is another defeat and we have six days to regroup.... What today showed was that sport at international level is about very small margins. Sometimes things go your way and we have to make sure we do not end up with the wooden spoon."
Ruaridh Jackson 3 points (1 drop kick)

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