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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CFL West Division 2011 Specialists

B.C. Lions
"Can't wait for the start of the season. Team looks really good!"
K Hugh O'Neill (9-game injured list)
"It’s a good opportunity to ease in to my new environment. I’m just going to try and adapt as much as I can. It’s definitely not a bad idea to groom me."
"My mom sacrificed so much for me and my brother. She kind of had this motto for us growing up: Work hard and have fun.' I've kind of lived by that slogan, as corny and cliché as it is, but it's gotten me a long way."
Calgary Stampeders
"The difference between me this year and last year? I came into camp in better shape. Technically, I’m better. But mentally, I’m better. I’m ready to play."
“There was some wear and tear on my leg in the last game,” he said. “So it’s just a slight tweak. I think I’ll be fine to go for the game. I’m going to swing the leg again on Wednesday and see how it feels.”
"Everything feels good. This is one of my best off-seasons, strength-wise. It's more making sure the recovery's there and making sure I'm taking care of myself between practices. This off-season, I did a little more yoga than I did in the past. With the job and the way my career has evolved now, I'm still doing well at snapping and running down field and keeping fit, so I feel good."
Edmonton Eskimos
"Most people, fan-wise, would say when you get in your 30s you’re getting old but, fortunately from a kicking standpoint, generally when you’re getting into your 30s ... those are some of your best years. You’ve been playing, you’ve been through the ups and downs, and you know where you’ve been with yourself.... Honestly, what happened to me last year, I believe now has given me that rebirth and the opportunity to come and show an organization and a city that I’ve still got everything. I’m still that all-star kicker and punter that I was and the only way to show it is to continue to walk on this field every day and prove it."
"Getting in last year towards the end of the year was definitely good. After a while of just sitting around, you get a little down on yourself because you want to play. Playing one here and there, you don’t really get the effects of the ups and downs of a kicker. So playing four in a row last season was huge for myself in development in just understanding how to get over a bad kick.... I think having [Duval] here makes me be more focused. I know in pre-game sometimes I’ll struggle real bad with field goals, but once I get in that game atmosphere with the snap and rushers, I have a pretty high percentage. I think when I get into the zone is where I do my best and I’ll have to be really focused now that he’s here."
"Coming back home to play in Edmonton has always been a dream and I guess a goal of mine … if I get the opportunity to play here the rest of my career, I’ll be a very happy man."
Saskatchewan Roughriders
K Luca Congi (9-game injured list)
"I figured they were going to do something, but what they were going to do, I didn’t know. Whether they were going to bring someone in, draft somebody, have Eddie [Johnson] do all three [punts, field goals and kickoffs] or whatever it may be, I didn’t know. But I knew they had to have some sort of backup plan. You see it all the time: Guys get hurt, so guys have to step up and fill in.... When they drafted [Milo], it was like, ‘They drafted a kicker. OK. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change my day. I found out. OK. I’ll just go back in, do my rehab and get back to work’."
"It was more of a sprint mentality for me last year: Make it happen quick [to replace Congi] as opposed to make it happen for the year. I made some changes, so I feel better about it. I still feel I need to take out some things that are muscle memory. I need to have the swing just feel pure and I think that will come. I don’t feel nervous about it."
"I just want to help out as much as I can and if I get to stay, they'll get the best from me, that's for sure."
"I’m not going to stir things up,” he added. “It’s the nature of the business. This is how it works. You learn new things and take the good with the bad. They [Montreal] were just trying to make their team better. If I wasn’t in their plans, fair enough. They were protecting themselves."

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