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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cincinnati Commandos & Brandon Yingling: Continental Conquest

The Continental Indoor Football League's 2011 season concluded Saturday night with the championship game. The Cincinnati Commandos won their second consecutive title with a 44-29 win over the Marion Blue Racers. Sure there were lots of touchdowns, but the highlight of the game (as always) was the kicking. We caught up with Commando kicker Brandon Yingling for a few questions:

How does it feel to be CIFL champs?
"It feels surreal. Amazing to complete what we started with our perfect season. That was our goal from the beginning."
What kick from this past season do you remember most?
"The kick I remember most is my first field goal I made. It was 3 weeks ago against Marion at home. It was the first professional field goal I made and I continued making them the last couple games."
Before the season we asked you about the adjustments in kicking indoors. Having now been through the full season, is there anything you would like to expand on or to add to your original answer?
"The one thing I would add is with kickoffs. It was a little difficult learning how hard to kick the ball to get it as high as I could if we were in a high arena, but keeping it from going over the wall. It required a lot of practice and finesse."

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Anonymous said...

Watched Brandon kick and improve as season. The Commandos better hope one of the UFL teams doesn't snatch him up. Tremendous potential. No doubt the best kicker in the league!

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