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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Onside Kicks, part 1

We asked our array of experts the following rather vague question: "What comes to mind when we mention onside kicks?" The answers ranged from the good, the bad, and the risky to technical in nature.

"I remember playing the Dolphins in a preseason game in 1995 and they were lined up for a normal kick off when Olindo Mare hit the first surprise 'pop up' onside kick that I had ever seen. It was text book. That began the era of the current day onside kick that is now used, especially in Arena football."

Chris Nendick, Chicago Slaughter kicker
"Excitement. The onside kick in the indoor game is huge. Big hits and change of possession. Hitting a successful onside kick could mean the difference in a game. I look forward to getting that opportunity."

"Get the ball back so we can score! Actually during the play though all I think is 'kick a recoverable ball'."

"Me getting to drill someone waiting to recover the middle roll. We all hate practicing onsides because more injuries result from onside practice than any other type of kicking practice."

"Saints Super Bowl."

"Thomas Morstead at the Start of 2nd half in next to last Super Bowl."

"Time to roll the dice."

"When I think onside kicks on the surface of the issue I think pure luck and good timing... The perfect kick if defended well could turn out ineffective. On that note a mis-hit and a mistake on the return team can line your team up for victory. So as I said before pure luck and good timing is what comes to mind when I think onside kicks."

"Onside kicks take a toll on the leg. This is how I do it: Dorsi flex the kicking foot, plant foot out in front of the ball, drive the kicking knee down and snap the lower leg through the top of the ball. I focus on the left panel and try to hit that spot and continue running straight down field. I use the toe area on my cleat that's why dorsi flexion is important. I take 6 yards back and 5 over. I loop my approach to get the hips pointed to the target. My target is 12 yards right around the numbers with at least a 2.5 second hang time. I kick mine to the right. Working on doing it to the left and getting better at disguising it both ways."

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