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Friday, May 24, 2013

Onside Kicks, part 2

What comes to mind when I mention onside kicks? Among the first batch of responses we received to that question, two mentioned Thomas Morstead's big onside kick for the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV:

Today we look at several additional responses, again covering various facets of onside kicks:

Dan Lundy, One On One Kicking
"Get height. Get it fast. Give your team time to recover. Plant super deep, knee over football. Strike top eight of ball and get first bounce to explode into ground so it can travel high to it's target point."

"I've been kicking long enough to have seen the transition from the more traditional "squib-style" onside (where you're hoping to get a good bounce after a couple rolls), to have successfully attempted other variations such as the popular "high-hop" onside kick, the "dribbler" where the kicker recovers, and even locking in on a man in the first row of defenders and drilling it towards him to recover the deflection. I personally love onside kicks and have been lucky enough to play for coaches who consider it my specialty and use it as a weapon for me in the Arena/Indoor game. The onside kick has really helped me add another dimension to my game and has resulted in great opportunities for me."

"Practice your onside kicks every kicking session. You have to be perfect at this. You will have one try to get it right when called upon. Make sure you’re ready for the occasion."

"Oh Shit!"

Former NFL kicker Billy Cundiff demonstrates the onside kick:

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