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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Value of Proper Training

by special guest blogger Michael Husted, former NFL kicker and current instructor:

If you have the passion for kicking, punting or long snapping, going out and practicing your craft is easy to do. However, we can get into a pattern of:
  • Going through the motions
  • Trying to kick several 50+ yard field goals
  • Punting the ball as hard as we can
We have all heard the saying, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.” When you are young, you have the stamina and endurance to go out and kick, punt or snap 75-100 footballs. Heck, we can probably do it 5 days a week, but will it really get you where you want to be? Quantity versus quality is something that we all tend to do from time to time. The hardest part is to stop practicing, whether we are having a great day or a crappy day.

If we are having a great day, we don’t want it to end and we feel that no matter what we do, we do it correctly and with ease. If we are having a bad day, we don’t want to get off of the field until we have everything corrected. Either way, we are going to get fatigued and injure ourself or we will start creating bad habits.

Being discipline in your training through quality will provide the best results. Putting yourself in different situations while practicing will prepare you way better than just going out and banging 100 reps. Giving yourself multiple routines when you train will allow you to work on different aspects of your “game” as well as keep your training from getting stale and monotonous.

While I was playing in the NFL, I spoke with several other NFL specialists and from our conversations, I was able to put together a routine that would get me prepared, whether it was:
  • The offseason
  • Mini camps
  • OTAs
  • Training camp
  • Pre Season games
  • Practices during the season leading up to Sundays
  • Regular season games
  • Play off games
These routines helped me while I was playing in the NFL, but just as importantly, they have helped me as I have begun coaching specialists. Having a quality routine in high school, college or the pros will only increase your chances of having a successful career at each level.

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