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Friday, July 1, 2011

SIFL Championship: Geoff Boyer vs. Blake Bercegeay

Another of the indoor football leagues reaches its grand finale this weekend:
The Southern Indoor Football League’s third championship game will take place on Saturday, July 2 when the Albany Panthers (12-2) host the Louisiana Swashbucklers (10-4) in the James H. Gray Civic Center. Pre-game festivities start at 7 p.m. with kickoff scheduled for 7:30 p.m. It’s the first championship game appearance for Albany, who defeated the defending SIFL champion Columbus Lions 75-61 in the East finals on Saturday. Louisiana will make its third SIFL championship appearance in as many years after dispatching previously unbeaten Houston 56-41 Monday in the West finals. Last year, the Swashbucklers upset Albany for a berth in the title game.
In preparation for the game, we take a quick look at the two key players (the kickers for each team).

Albany Panthers, Geoff Boyer
Geoff took over the kicking for the Panthers part way through this season. Last month, he added a new twist - the drop kick. The higher scoring play has occasionally appeared in other indoor leagues, however this was an apparent first for the SIFL:
"I like doing it. I hadn’t planned on kicking it on that play, but I was just scrambling and I just thought, ‘Why not?’. I was a goalie growing up and playing soccer,’’ Boyer said. “About half the goalies use a drop-kick. I liked it because you can get more drive into the ball and it doesn’t go as high, so I always did it.... This has been great. I feel pretty confident (with the drop-kick), but it’s up to the coach. If he wants me to do it, I’ll do it."

Louisiana Swashbucklers, Blake Bercegeay
We recently checked in with Blake on this year vs. last year:
"Last year snuck up on us it seems. This year we've been battling back to get to where we know we should be. As far as what I've done, nothing has changed other than mind set and knowing I will do my best no excuses. If I'm playing I'm playing. Miss and forget, make and forget. Trust your training and your skills and the score board and crowd will tell you if you made it. Your teammates and brothers too. One small other thing, keep your HEAD DOWN!"

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