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Thursday, September 15, 2011

UFL 2011 Specialists

The 2011 United Football League regular season kicks off this evening. With four teams, that means jobs for four kickers, four punters and four long snappers.

Las Vegas Locomotives
K Aaron Pettrey (Ohio State)
"It's a little nerve-wracking. Me and Brandon [Coutu] are just trying to get better. It's been very competitive, but it's been friendly. He's a good guy."
P Danny Baugher (Arizona)
LS Rigo Morales (Texas A&M Kingsville)

Omaha Nighthawks
K Jeff Wolfert (Missouri)
"I could have sat out and waited for an NFL team to maybe call me, or I could come play football. I have a team that wants me, I can play for the next seven weeks and I can stay sharp. There could be some movement early in the season, but those chances are probably going to go to some of the veteran kickers that are free agents now. I probably would have waited anyway, so I decided I'd rather be here. Who wants to sit around unemployed waiting for the phone to ring?... Some people in the Browns organization told me that I'm an NFL kicker and I have what it takes. I think I've proven that, and now it's just a matter of right time, right place. There could be a chance to be in Cleveland next year. There might be a chance to be somewhere else. But for now, I'm happy to be here."
P Thomas Mante (Yale)
LS Matt Overton (Tracy)

Sacramento Mountain Lions
K Fabrizio Scaccia (no college)
"It's been a fun ride. Especially for a guy who didn't go to a major college, really any college."
P Tom Malone (USC)
LS Aaron King (UTEP)

Virginia Destroyers
K Delbert Alvarado (South Florida)
"It's awesome, especially for a guy like myself.  It's the first time I made the [final] cut. I was with the Cowboys last year and I bounced around and did some arena work and different things like that. Matt Henry, my holder, and Senser are great guys to be able to work with."
P Matthew Henry (New Hampshire)
LS Ryan Senser (Ohio)

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