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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Advice to Aspiring Punters

If a high school punter is looking to continue their career to the next level, what should they be doing? We gathered feedback from some college players who've recently been there and done that. Members of this year's senior class from colleges around the nation weighed in on the following question: "If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring high school punters, what would it be?"

Ben Ryan, East Carolina
"Do something every day to get better, whether its kicking, lifting, stretching etc. I've always thought that there's someone else out there getting better today, so so will I."

Ryan Tydlacka, Kentucky
"Always work on your ball drop. Not everyone's form is perfect, and every once in a while something can go wrong with someones form. But the ball drop is the best way to stay consistent and to overcome any flaws in a punting form, especially if it is a windy day. When I am at practice, or at home and I'm not doing anything, I will walk a straight line and do ball drops."

Will Goggans, Troy
"Don't get down if you have a bad punt or bad game. Remember, no punter will ever hit every ball perfect and even college and professional punters mess up. Keep your head up and go out and punt the next one better."

Nathaniel Toulson, Middle Tennessee State
"The main thing is fundamentals, such as: correct drop, straight leg swing, toe down, etc.... A punter can have the strongest leg in the world but if his fundamentals of punting are not perfected, his punting will not reach his full potential. And of course practice, practice, practice. Remember the little things (fundamentals) because in the end, the little things make a huge difference."

Mickey Groody, Florida Atlantic
"Go to the schools you would be interested in playing for kicking camps and as many National High School kicking combines as you can."

Drew Butler, Georgia
"Develop a consistent drop. I believe that the drop is the most vital part of punting and a consistent drop that produces the football to turn over is the quickest way to see good practice sessions translate into productive game performances."

Brian Stahovich, San Diego State
"Keep at it. Through all the ups and downs, stick to your fundamentals that got you there."

Jake Hurst, Nevada
"For me it's all about forgetting the last punt regardless if it was good or bad. It's how you recover from the good and bad punts that makes you better. Focus on the now, not what has already happened. You can't live in the past because you can't change it if it was bad. You can't rely on your last punt to show what you can do, you have to do it now. Think of it like free-throw in basketball, punting is a constant repeatable motion, make it the same every time."

Johnny Hekker, Oregon State
"Keep working on the little things. There are countless punting drills that I do on a regular basis that have nothing to do with actually punting a ball. Working on catching snaps and drops are keys to being successful."

Bryan Anger, California
"Work hard and be consistent with drills. I know drills may be tedious and mundane, but they are necessary in order to be consistent in games. And of course...always try to keep things fun. I like to make small competitions out of everything I do to keep things exciting."

Scott Kovanda, Ball State
"Keep working hard and never give up. It is very difficult to get a scholarship as a punter and it can be very easy to get discouraged if your not getting the attention you want from college coaches. Keep working hard on perfecting your skills and never give up on your dreams. You'll get your shot to showcase your skills and when you get that chance make the most of it!"

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