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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kicking a Rugby Ball

We take a closer look at the techniques for kicking a rugby ball with five YouTube instructional videos featuring prominent players and coaches. Although they are specific to rugby, they may also be of interest to those who kick or punt oblong balls in other sports, or even to those who kick round balls.

"No player has kicked more penalties in the history of rugby that Jonny Wilkinson, So if you want to learn how to kick three (or two points for a conversion) points time and time again who better to show you the tricks of the trade."

"Join the All Blacks kickers as they play their own games to sharpen their skills. Excellent drills to incorporate into your practice to work on kicking accuracy."

"Toby Flood takes us through his top kicking techniques step by step to show how he achieves the perfect kick."

"USA Eagles back coach and current Stanford head coach, Matt Sherman teaches the fundamentals of drop- punting a rugby ball."

"We ask Dave Alred, kicking coach to the stars, to help an amateur club player -- with interesting results.. Includes insights from Jonny Wilkinson."

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