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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Whatcha lookin' at?

Where do professionals direct their focus?

We asked some very knowledgeable guys to select select any specific point during the set-up or execution of a kicking/punting play, and then to let us know upon what they visually focused at that point in time.

"After I have lined up for a field goal or extra point and have given my holder the nod, I turn my attention and focus to the ball under the center's legs. At that point it just becomes me and the ball, and nothing else matters!"

Brooks Rossman, Kansas City Kicking
"Before I take any steps, I like to pick a fan that’s beyond the uprights and as many rows up as the uprights are tall. At the point right before the snap my eyes are focused on the spot that the holder has his fingers on and they do not come off of that spot until the ball has left my foot."

"When I'm kicking field goals I look at my holder's right hand. Once the ball hits hit hand I see the ball I push off with two feet and then focus on a pure ball strike.
For punting I look it back from the line and emphasize timing up my footwork while catching the ball palms up away from my body."

"After I have taken my steps for a field goal and set my feet, I will look down at the marked spot then look up at a spot I mark between the uprights and then try to visualize the trajectory of the ball going through the uprights from point A to point B."

"Once set in your field goal stance, take one last look at your target beyond the goal post... A flag or number on a scoreboard to create mental imagery. Should help you kick the ball straighter, longer."

"I used to recite three queue words to myself while I was setting up for the kick. They would be positive reminders. I would to focus on my breathing, pick a target behind the uprights and then try and make the best contact that I could on the ball."

"After lining up the kick and taking my steps, I visualize myself taking the perfect path the ball and crushing it right down the middle. Kicking is 80% mental so visualization has really taken my game to whole another level."

"The ball. If you don't watch the ball, it's very hard to catch it and then kick it."

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