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Friday, November 25, 2011

Grey Cup 2011: Justin Palardy vs. Paul McCallum

The younger kicker has been in the league two years. The elder kicker has been around seemingly forever (actually it has been 19 years). They and their teams will face each other Sunday evening as the 2011 CFL season concludes in the 99th Grey Cup.

Justin Palardy, 

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Playing for a cup in year number two is becoming a pattern for Palardy:.
"It’s kind of similar when I played at Saint Mary’s and we went to the Vanier Cup in my second year. It’s great. I get an opportunity early in my career to win a Grey Cup and, hopefully, we can do that....
We played the Lions twice and we beat them both times, but that was a different Lions team and they are playing really good ball right now. But we’ve just got to play our game. Our defence has to be on, our special teams have to be special and our offence has to move the ball and, if we can do all that, hopefully at the end of the day we’re holding the Grey Cup."
If he is called upon in the game, he'll approach it the same as he always does.
"You just have to stay focused and control what you can control and that's kicking field goals. I'll be a cheerleader for my teammates on the sidelines and when it's time to do my job I'll step up and do it."

Paul McCallum, B.C. Lions

Last night, McCallum was named the CFL’s most outstanding special teams player:
McCallum, 41, was the night's surprise winner, receiving 42 votes to get the nod over Toronto's Chad Owens, last year's special-teams winner. McCallum, the CFL's oldest player, hit 50-of-53 field goals, his 94.3 per cent success ratio breaking Lui Passaglia's league mark of 90.9. McCallum also made a CFL-record 30 consecutive field goals and was the league's scoring leader with 203 points. "It probably took me 12 years to figure out what I needed to do," McCallum said in explaining why he's kicking so well in his 19th CFL season. "I don't try to hit the ball as hard as I used to, I hit it as hard as I have to. I still feel I can do it, I feel good, I feel strong and feel good doing it."
McCallum is not alone in continued improvement, as he noted after receiving the award:
“I look on this as an affirmation of what we do. There are a lot of great kickers in this league, and they keep getting better and better.”

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