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Friday, November 11, 2011

Groza Talk 2011: in the Beginning

"I used to get a kick out of kicking the ball over the telephone wires when we would play touch football in the street."
- Lou Groza

How does someone end up becoming a football kicker? We asked several of this year's Lou Groza Award semi-finalists, "How did it all begin?"

Jimmy Newman,
"As a little kid, I grew up playing soccer around the age of five. I transferred to a public school in my area in 8th grade and the coaches asked me to come out and just try it. I ended up making all my attempts that year and started taking private lessons. As a 9th grader I attended my first real camp at Chris Sailer's Las Vegas event. That was the exact moment that I knew I wanted to play in college and decided I was going to put forth all the focus and training it would take to get to that level."

"Started out in high school at Brandon High in Mississippi... From there my dad set me up with Jamie Kohl with Kohls kicking. Been working with them for about five years now and they have been incredible. Ended up and Lafayette,LA and love it here. Could not be here without God's blessing and of course my parents."

Andrew Furney, Washington State
"My first ever experience playing football was my freshman year of high school and at the time was not interested in trying to kick what so ever. After a large amount of the season and a small amount of playing time at other positions, my mom recommended I try it. At the time our freshman team already had a kicker that was already given the varsity job for the following season pretty much. One day in our last practice of the week before our game the kicker didn't show up for practice so I was, with hesitation, allowed to kick the extra points in practice. I winged my steps and made all four of the attempts. The coaches were shocked and then said "alright you're going to start kicking for us." The following summer I found out I would be the starting kicker for the varsity team after the news of the other kicker who was supposed to get the job failed four classes and would be ineligible for the first four games. In my first game I made my first every field goal attempt which was 42 yards. I later went on to become 1st team all state that season and the two seasons following that as well."

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