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Monday, November 21, 2011

NFL Week Eleven: Inches & Seconds

Around the NFL yesterday...

In Cleveland, kicker Phil Dawson hit a 38 yard field goal attempt above the uprights during the Browns 14-10 win over Jacksonville. The officials ruled it wide right. Dawson disagreed with the ruling.
"It was good. The rule states that if the ball is above the upright, it's good. And that ball wasn't even close to being over the upright.... I'm a little confused, if you can't review a play where the ball is above the upright, why would you ever need a review to begin with? I'm pretty fired up. It's probably as upset as I've been in a long time. I think everybody knows how I felt about it.
I hit it where I was aiming. I remember one like that against New England a long, long time ago and it was good. Fortunately our defense stepped up and made some plays at the end and we won and I won't get run out of town this week. The good news is that we won the game and I get to keep my job another week. That's the life I live and those are some scary times."
In Washington, both kickers got an opportunity to win the game in overtime. For the Redskins, Graham Gano was wide right on a 52 yard attempt:
“Missed it. That’s it. No excuses. Just missed it. It felt good, but obviously wasn’t.
It’s very frustrating. I don’t feel any pressure out there whatsoever. I love those opportunities, and not to be able to pull through, it’s very frustrating.... I think just like anyone else, I’m pissed off, but I have to move on. It was a long field goal, and the odds of making them aren’t great, but I definitely feel like I’m more than capable of making them. … I’ve shown plenty that I’m mentally fine. I make big kicks all the time. I just missed it.”
For the Cowboys, Dan Bailey's hot streak continued as he connected from 39 yards, giving Dallas a 27-24 win.
"You’ve just got to go out there and execute it when you’re supposed to. It’s not all me. I’ve got good blocking and obviously the offense and the defense played really well today. It’s not just me out there. It’s 10 other guys."
It’s tough to recreate those situations in practice. You can to an extent, but yeah, definitely having that earlier in the season kind of helped me mentally with knowing what to expect.”
In Minnesota, a 49 yard field goal attempt went awry during the Vikings 27-21 loss to the Raiders. There is little room for adjustments during a process that only lasts 1.3 seconds. Punter/holder Chris Kluwe discussed the play:
"Just bobbled the snap, didn't get it down in time for Ryan to hit it. With a shorter [kick], he can maybe save it by punching it through. But when it's a mid-40-yard field goal, I just wasn't quick enough getting the ball down."
Kicker Ryan Longwell added:
"It's just all rhythm from that range. I have to have faith in Kluwe that he's going to get it down. He did. So I have to hang a little longer. But 49 yards, it's all rhythm. And we were just a little off."

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