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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NFL Week 13: More Than Icing

Based on media coverage, it seems as if the Cowboys' untimely timeout and resulting undone field goal was the only kicking news from this past weekends' NFL games. That is not the case.

In New England, fans greeted Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri - who of course had achieved legendary clutch status when playing for the Patriots during the first part of his career. They greeted him with boos as he went out for a field goal attempt.
"Ah, they were nice to me except for a few of the kicks. Obviously, there’s a lot of gamesmanship going out on there, so I expected that stuff....
I mean, I never played for the Yankees {like former Red Sox player Johnny Damon did]. I think there is more hatred there. This is a fun place for me. The fans are great and wild and crazy. There’s a lot of good memories here, so yes it is a special place to play. Obviously, there’s a lot of gamesmanship going on out there at that point, but as I was leaving the field, there was some nice comments, so that was cool."
In New York (well, actually in New Jersey), the Packers rallied to beat the Giants 38-35. Mason Crosby kicked the 30 yard game winner on the final play of the game.
“It’s been five years now, and I’ve had what, five [game winning] attempts? That’s unheard of in the NFL. Games are so tight. This was a great opportunity, get a big win on the road, going for 12-0, clinch some things up. It was important. I think it just says a lot about our team, the way our offense, I mean we have a minute left, we take a touchback, get the ball at the 20-yard line and just march down the field, and we’re in field-goal position after just a couple of plays. That was awesome to see after a back-and-forth struggle with this team....
[On an earlier miss in the game] I had been hitting a little right-to-left draw, and I must’ve been lined up a little bit on that right upright. I hit a good ball, and it just moved a little right. Obviously extremely disappointed there at halftime to not get those points. Then the scenario at the end, I had to hit a game-winner to finish it off. I’m happy that I hit that one at the end and finished what I started.”
In Minnesota, the Broncos continued their streak of late game heroics, rallying to beat the Vikings 35-32. Matt Prater's 46 yard field goal with 1:33 remaining tied the game and his 23 yarder as time expired won it.
"Yeah, that felt like [the tying kick] was definitely more important. They're all important. You've got to hit them all."

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