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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Recruiting Process per the Recruitees, part 4

A year ago, a large group of high school seniors, all kickers and punters, offered their thoughts on the college recruiting process (part 1, part 2, part 3). A year later, having completed their first semester of college, several of them followed up with a few additional thoughts after a year of hindsight.

Blake Kidd, Air Force
"I went to the Air Force Academy and for six weeks we had basic training so I couldnt practice at all. My advice to future recruits is to not get full of themselves, stay humble, and always work at their skills no matter how well they are doing. I lost a little bit of my touch during those six weeks of basic training and its been tough getting everything back. If those recruits stay on top of their game and stay humble, I think they will do well."

Dillon Wilson, Kansas State
"I learned a lot going though my 1st season of college football. I red-shirted this year, and highly suggest it. It gave me a year to get used to school, football, workouts, etc. I learned that the pace of college football is a lot faster! When they say its the "next level" they are not lying! With the whole recruiting process I suggest to really do your research on the school as well as the football team. I made the right choice and love where I'm at, but, i have a lot of friends who say they made the wrong choice. When they got there...they said the atmosphere and school was different then they thought it was going to be. Where your going to go to college is a big choice...make sure and do your research!"

Trenton Martin, Marshall University
"Always listen to your coaches and your parents, they are your main sources of support and experience. Most importantly, play your hardest you can every time you touch the field."

Mike Beamish, University of Pennsylvania
"I am at my freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania and I am having a blast. I am on their sprint football team punting and playing running back. recruiting was tough for me because the schools interested in me did not offer engineering, my current major. I'd say the most important thing is to stay patient. As I had to wait until january of my senior year for Upenn to contact me. keep all of your options open as sprint football got me the help I needed to gain acceptance to this school."

Kris Albarado, USC
"One of the biggest things I've learned is that college is much harder than it is in high school, and they hold you to a much higher standard in all aspects, football, strength and conditioning, and especially academics. I have a word of advice for any one out there who can't decide where they would like to go, I would tell them to go to the place they feel most comfortable at even if its all the way across the country and to trust the coaches because the coaches are all there to help you reach your full potential as a player and as a student."

Stay tuned for part 5 in our Recruiting series, when we check in with the class of 2012.

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