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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tweets for Cundiff

"It's a kick I've kicked probably a thousand times out there.... 
I didn't convert and that's the way things go. There's really no excuse for it.... I think the disappointment is letting my teammates down."
- Billy Cundiff after missing a potential game tying 32 yard yard field goal attempt with 15 seconds remaining in the AFC Championship Game, which New England won 23-20 over Baltimore

Fellow kickers and punters weighed in with specialist empathy via twitter:

Feel bad for #Cundiff... Kickers dream to be in that position. Quickly turns to a nightmare.

That was a good snap and hold, just a tough miss for Cundiff. No worse feeling for a kicker. It will haunt him the rest of his life.

Oh man!!! 10 sec on the play clock, rushed to get lined up, never got comfortable.. Feel for him

Missed FG is on Cundiff's shoulders, but shows importance of total operation - snap, hold, & kick. Would've been good with a perfect hold.

I feel so sick for Billy Cundiff....

Poor Cundiff. He totally wiped the raid at 1% :/ #feelsterribletomissakicklikethat, #keepyourheadupBilly

Wow- gotta feel for Billy Cundiff. Never fun to see anyone miss a kick, especially in that situation.

Haven't seen the game but heard of the missed fg. Still amazes me how everyone blames the kicker??

Feel bad for Billy Cundiff. Did not want to see that.

timing looked a little off perhaps... I dunno Cundiff is a great kicker .... Unfortunately misses happen

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