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Monday, February 20, 2012

IFL Intense Kickers 2012

Having previously looked at the kickers of the United Conference, we conclude our Indoor Football League preview with the Intense Conference. Once again some of the IFL kickers discussed what they've been working on for the upcoming season.

Allen Wranglers: David Pino
"I have really worked in accuracy by limiting my target to either the right or left upright pole. If I hit the upright, I am down the middle. If I miss 2-3 feet right or left of the upright, I know I'm still good. It has been a great way to narrow my accuracy by a few feet, which in turn will help once I'm aiming down the middle of the very wide 9 feet!!!"
Colorado Ice: Aric Goodman
"I've put an emphasis on increasing flexibility and ball flight. In many of the arenas that we'll play in, there are scoreboards that I'll need to be cognizant of. Having the ability to change the trajectory of kicks will be important at times. Another point of high importance is consistency...obviously. The IFL balls are slightly smaller than college/NFL, so it makes being consistent even that much more difficult."
Everett Raptors: Dan Kleckner
"Besides my normal off season strength training and kicking I worked with Gordon Kaplan of Team Yoga in Bellevue WA. We worked on improving my flexibility as well as working on the mental aspect of kicking and really working on my focus! I feel the work we did helped me a lot and I am looking forward to putting it to use this season."
Nebraska Danger: Craig Wissler
New Mexico Stars: Zeke Arevalo
Tri-Cities Fever: Michael Taylor
Wichita Wild: Dylan Pohlman
Wyoming Cavalry: Scott Thomsen

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