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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

IFL United Kickers 2012

The Edge visit the Slaughter this Sunday, as the Indoor Football League's 2012 schedule commences. Both teams are in the United Conference, whose kickers are outlined below.

We spoke to several of them regarding what they've been working on in preparation for the upcoming season.

Bloomington Edge: Peter Christofilakos
"I have been trying to speed up my get off time to be a little quicker. This year I have my holder Dusty Burke from the past that is very good and I feel very confident in, along with a great snapper Jeff Sobel. In the IFL league and with our team I came to learn that in a season holders and snappers will rotate very often due to different situations. With all of the different personnel it is hard to get a rhythm and timing can be tough. This year I feel very good about our snap hold kick and expect us to have success."
Cedar Rapids Titans: Mike Polaski
"I've been working on multiple Onside Kicks as well as a few other specialty kicks to deal with the low ceiling in our home arena as well as adjusting to a different kind of football. Its composite leather and significantly smaller than an NFL-K or AFL ball."
Chicago Slaughter: Chris Nendick
"I have been working a lot in the medical field. Kicking wise, twice a week I go out and kick with a few guys working mostly on shortening my approach to ultimately have a more consistent finish. A big thing I worked on was getting more elevation on the ball flight."
Green Bay Blizzard: Adrian Trevino
"I've been working a lot on balance, technique, and being a great teammate."
Lehigh Valley Steelhawks: Chris Hazley
Omaha Beef: Paul Stoltz
Reading Express: Erik Rockhold or Eric Perri
Sioux Falls Storm: Parker Douglass

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