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Monday, February 13, 2012

Kicking Stats & Technology

We live in a  world of technology. We live in a world of statistics. We live in a world of techno-stats. With that in mind, we take a look at two recent developments along those lines, with a kicking-punting focus, from two periodic contributors.

"My name is Brent Grablachoff and I’m a professional football kicking coach. I originally designed the Kick Tracker App for my students to help them track, analyze and learn from their kicking stats to help improve their field goal kicking, kickoffs and punting skills. After a beta test we found the Kick Tracker App to be not only fun to use, but also extremely effective at helping to improve their overall kicking game. We then decided to release this wonderful app to everyone through the Android Market and iPhone App Store. Kick Tracker is the first of its kind and the best football kicking app for the iPhone and Android!"

"The National Camp Series' KIX (Kicking IndeX) Player Ratings are objectively based upon the data that we have collected for several years. Having been able to capture the statistics from our results for specialists in the kicking game, we rate our athletes in each of the following: Field Goals, Kick Offs, Punts, and/or Long Snaps. We have collected this data and separated them based on grade level. At the same time, the final NCS KIX Player Ratings are compared to our College division (rising high school seniors, junior college and college transfers.) The reason that we do this is so that student-athletes have a goal to reach to demonstrate to colleges that they have the ability to kick at the next level....

Why are we using an objective approach? As a society, we now have the ability to efficiently gather statistics, analyze them and make informed decisions. Everything in the kicking game is based around numbers:
  • NCS Field Goal Points/Field Goal Percentage
  • Hang time on Punts and Kick Offs
  • Distance on Punts and Kick Offs
  • Hand 2 foot, get off time for Punts
  • Punt snap time
  • Ideal distance for perfect laces on Field Goals

You can effectively determine a prospect's ability by consistently gathering statistics over time. Therefore, we believe that the more stats that can be recorded, the better the ability for colleges to accurately assess your ability. This puts you into full control and takes out all subjectivity. Potential is important, but the NCS, as a network of NFL and D1 College players, understands that potential only gets you so far. Collectively, we have seen so many guys with strong legs kick well when no one is around, only to fall apart when there is a little pressure applied. Numbers don't lie! Therefore, our NCS KIX Player Ratings is based upon your results from our evaluations. Our evaluations are created from NFL workouts...."

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