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Friday, February 3, 2012

SB XLVI MVP Sneak Preview

Who will be the MVP of this year's Super Bowl: Steve Weatherford, Lawrence Tynes, Zoltan Mesko or Stephen Gostkowski? We asked kickers, punters, snappers, and coaches that very question.

"I believe it will be Stephen Gostkowski. I played against Stephen when he was at Memphis. He is an excellent kicker and I believe he will come through in the clutch. Coming back from knee surgery last year was very impressive. He did a great job in replacing Adam Vinatieri. Also I believe the patriots will win the game and have plenty of scoring opportunities."

"I broke my crystal ball and it is not yet working, but my guess is that it will not be a punter although both are indeed great punters! Punters never get the recognition they deserve, and MVP is certainly not in the cards for either of them. That leaves Tynes and Gostkowski. Though both had very good seasons, however, the guy that should get the most props is Gostkowski. His role as replacing the legendary Adam Vinatieri was the most difficult of all. He had to perform in Vinatieri's shadow, and he has done so masterfully! No telling what is going to happen on Super Bowl Sunday, but if past performance is the gauge of MVP my vote is for the Gos."

"Stephen Gostkowski will win it with a Field Goal to carry on the tradition of Patriot kickers winning it in the big games."


"I think that Weatherford is going to be the difference maker on special teams. He punted as good of a game that a punter could have in the NFC championship. I don't see him doing anything else on the big day."

Carlos Ojeda, kicker, Special Teams Coordinator at Miami-Northwestern Senior High
"Eli Manning."
[Editor's note: after we tried to give Carlos a hard time for selecting a QB rather than a kicker or punter, he gave us the following supplemental response...]
"I would love to see a kicker named the MVP but in this particular game I have to be completely unbiased and use my football knowledge in picking an MVP candidate. I truly feel Eli will be named MVP as much as I regret to admit."

"I believe that there should be a "Kicking MVP" trophy for the Super Bowl. My vote is Stephen Gostkowski. He is an excellent kicker, but untested in big pressure situations. However, I feel that given the opportunity, he will come through in the clutch. This should be another excellent game to watch, that could come down to a late field goal to tie or win the game.

If we can't have a kicking MVP then I vote for Co-MVPs by all four:
  • Steve Weatherford: Most "ripped and tatooed" punter to play in the Super Bowl
  • Lawrence Tynes: Wylie veteran who has been there and he gets the job done
  • Zoltan Mesko: Being that this game is watch all over the world, Zoltan knows several languages, so he can communicate effectively on and off of the field
  • Gostkowski: See previous comment up above"

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