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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UIFL Ultimate Kickers 2012

The United Indoor Football League's second season kicks off this Thursday March 1st. Who will be doing the kicking? What have they been doing to prepare?

"The biggest thing is the uno rule on kickoff. Instead of keeping the ball in play, i can just kick it through the uprights and get a point. Everything else has stayed the same for me." - Brandon
Eastern Kentucky Drillers: Scott Enos (Hawaii)

"I have been doing this for so long since '02 seems like the same old stuff. I have increased my strength and my main focus as usual was the weight room and conditioning. I know it is weird for a kicker to say that, but strength is just as important as accuracy. I wish I lived a little closer to Erie for the commute is gonna be rough but it will be nice to be 'home'."
"There's two aspects of my game I've been working on hard for this season. One is my accuracy with field goals. With the smaller uprights and how often field goals are kicked in arena games, field goals are a huge part of the game. The second is my onside kicks and pooch kicks for kickoffs and field goals. They are utilized a lot more in the arena. I'm working on new surprise kicks as well as perfecting the ones I already know."
Johnstown Generals: TBA

Marion Blue Racers: Kevin Tattersall or Trey Cramer

Mississippi Hound Dogs: TBA

Rome Rampage: Jaye Tyroff
"I have been working on my mechanics preparing for the smaller uprights and kickoffs/onside kicks. I have been kicking on the regular NFL regulation uprights but for the past 6months or so been using the Arena 9ft wide uprights... Which I do normally train with. If you can kick it through the 9ft wide uprights the normal 18ft wide goals should be a piece of cake right! As far as my kickoffs go I have been adjusting my steps from my normal 10yds back to my arena steps of 6yds. I'm looking forward to having a great season and we will see what happens. Go Rampage!"
Western Pennsylvania Sting: TBA

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