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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

AFL Kickers 2012 - National Conference

Twenty-five years ago, the Arena Football League began play. One week ago, we previewed this year's kickers in the American Conference. Today, we preview the National Conference kickers.

Arizona Rattlers: Chris Gould
"I've just been working on staying fluid through contact and paying close attention to the tempo during my approach. I hope that it all will come together on March 10th against San Jose and I can help my team win by improving these two areas."
Chicago Rush: Mike Salerno

Iowa Barnstormers: Craig Camay
"During the off season I worked a lot on consistency. Last year I feel that I struggled with making solid contact all the time. Some kicks wouldn't have proper rotation and inconsistent distances. With the field goal only being 9ft wide, as a kicker in this league you need to know what your doing and be fundamentally sound. I would focus on all the aspects. Trying not waste any motion approaching the ball, keeping my head still, locking my ankle and following through we're some of the main areas I worked on."
Kansas City Command: Gary Cismesia
"I didn't do anything different then last year. I just worked on getting more leg strength and being more accurate. I put in more hours into my training this year and did the same stuff I have been doing just more of it. Kicked more balls, ran further, and lifted more weights."
San Antonio Talons: Stefan Demos
"I've been working on a more consistent approach so I got rid of my jab step so I could be a true two-step kicker. This allows me a much more consistent approach, swing, and ball flight. That consistency allows the ball to get better trajectory and a straighter ball, which is crucial to making kicks on the small Arena posts."
San Jose SaberCats: Jacob Harfman

Spokane Shock: Kenny Spencer
"Being in the arena league everyone knows that the goalposts are 9 feet wide. So, during the past two months I have been training out in San Diego with Michael Husted. He has helped me straighten out the flight of my kick, in which we all know will help in the AFL. Also, I have been working very hard on getting my onside kicks perfect. I'm pretty sure you will be seeing a lot of onsides around the league this year."
Utah Blaze: Kyle Brotzman

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