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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Unknown Kick

Sometimes you were there to see it, and other times it's captured for posterity. But many things in this world go undocumented (although perhaps increasingly less so in the modern age). What is the most memorable kicking/punting moment that you ever witnessed, but of which the general public/media is not aware? 

"I'm from Miami Florida, a.k.a. hurricane and tropical storm country. One year we went out and kicked just a couple hours before a big storm hit, with winds gusting probably over 50-60mph. Standing in one endzone, I got into a sidewinder/rugby-style punt that I'm surprised didn't go into orbit. With the wind at my back, the ball spiraled high and tight the distance of the field, bounced in the other endzone and rolled another 50+ yards until it hit a fence. Easily over 95 yard punt in the air." 

"The scrambling drop kick I hit last year on the run in the last regular season game after a bad snap. It was the most ridiculous play I think I will ever accomplish."

"One that keeps coming back to me was a few seasons ago in Modesto California. I was working privately with the Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski and he was kicking 65, then he went back to like 77 yard field goals and was clearing them like extra points, and kicking off 4.4 plus over the uprights. Jason Wells from the Dallas Desperadoes was also in session. What can I say, it was awesome. In talking about the technique, after Sebastian just said, "it's really working good" and he went on this run of touchbacks from that point on leading the NFL. Good Memory." 

"This question reminds me of a quote that I once read from Gary Anderson. He said that, "I find that if I make my kicks in the 1st quarter, I usually don't have to make them in the 4th."

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