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Friday, July 6, 2012

United Bowl IV: kicker Brady Beeson

On Saturday July 14th, the Tri-Cities Fever and the Sioux Falls Storm will play in the Indoor Football League's annual championship game - The United Bowl. 

Earlier this week we checked in with Fever kicker Brady Beeson for a quick Q&A session: 

How did you come to join the Fever last month? 
"I had just moved back from San Diego after training all winter/spring with my coach, Michael Husted. On Memorial Day morning, I received a message from Coach Shackleford, asking if I'd be interested in joining the squad. The rest is history, as I immediately began to prepare to meet the team in Denver that upcoming weekend. After training for roughly a year with no game experience, it has truly been a blessing to be able to join the Fever organization. It has been an amazing experience, which has provided an opportunity for me to not only contribute to the team, but gain exposure for myself in my pursuit of making an NFL roster."
Can you tell us a little about your first game, when you ended up being named the IFL Special Teams Player of the Week? 
"Denver was an amazing experience. After meeting the team in Denver the night before the game, I was told I would have an opportunity to work with my snapper and holder for the first time the following morning. Given the circumstances, Coach Shack told me I was only expected to kickoff well, and make my extra points.

I wanted to make an impact early in the game, and gain the trust of my teammates and coaches. I had a great warm-up, and I just got into a groove early. My first kick of the game was a 50 yard field goal, so I saw it as a great opportunity to do just that. After hitting that kick, I just trusted in my swing and approached every kick the same way. Being a free agent for a couple years, and not having any live game film since college, this was the perfect opportunity to prove myself and my hard work over the years. I'm so thankful for the opportunity the Fever have given me, and I didn't want to let them down.

By the time the game-winning kick came, I felt very comfortable out there. I believe Husted's coaching and my mental training over the last year really paid off that night. However, I believe my Special Teams Player of the Week honors were a team effort and reward. None of it would have been possible without great players being around me, as well as great snaps, holds and blocks. I will be forever grateful for the Fever and Coach Shack putting trust in me."

Can you give us an idea of what your itinerary looks like this week heading into the championship game? 
"We had practice this morning [Monday], as well as tomorrow. Being the 4th of July week, we have a few days off coming up as well. In many ways, I think it is just as valuable at times to step away from the game for a minute and take advantage of the chance to bond with teammates, especially in the most important time of the season. By the end of the week we will get back to work and get ready to go to war.

As for me, I will treat it like any other week. I'll make sure I'm stretching up to an hour a day, working on my mental fitness, and making the most of my reps at practice. I want to be clicking on all cylinders by the time I leave for Sioux Falls next week. There is a different method to the madness in the indoor game, so it is important to be prepared in every aspect of the kicking game, whether that be kickoffs or field goals. This is an exciting time for the Fever organization, so I also want to enjoy every moment of the upcoming couple weeks."

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