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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Watched Punters Are Getting Ready

Is there anything in particular you've been working on in preparation for the upcoming season? We posed that question to collegiate punters on the Ray Guy Award preseason watch list that was released recently. 

Tyler Campbell, Ole Miss
"I've just been working on all fundamentals of punting. Trying to get as consistent as I can and become more efficient. Trying to get my steps, drop, and hang time consistent to where I can be the most effective for my team and become more fundamentally sound."
Ryan Allen, Louisiana Tech
"Fine tuning my technique and consistency. hours of drill work create mental confidence which I believe is huge for kickers and punters. Consistency comes from being calm and confident while letting your ability take over."
Brad Wing, LSU
"Consistency. That's the main thing. And also heavily working on direction more than anything. That's super important to eliminate return opportunities for opposing teams."
Darragh O’Neill, Colorado 
"Mostly working on directional punting as well as improving my hang time. Every day just goin' out and hitting every punt as if it was a game situation and making sure I'm placing the ball exactly where I want it."
Ian Campbell, UTEP
"I have been focusing on gaining weight properly through our extensive lifting program and making sure that my drop stays the same. With more weight coming through my swing I will be able to project the ball higher into the air. Hangtime is my main focus for this offseason."
Brian Schmiedebusch, Bowling Green
"Flexibility and getting stronger. Both will help me with my hang time, and getting more distance on my punts. Field position will be very big for us this year."
Dalton Botts, Miami (FL)
"I have been working on alot of the ozzy pooch punts and being more consistent overall."
Ronnie Doherty, Kansas
"I've been working on pinning teams inside the 20. As well as my drop."
Bobby Cowan, Idaho
"I have been working on my pooch punts a lot. That is one thing I struggled with last year and am really focused on doing better at this year."
Will Atterberry, North Texas
"The one thing I have worked on summed up is "Consistency"- footwork, setting my drop table faster and correctly, and letting my eyes follow the ball after it leaves my foot."
Jeff Locke, UCLA
"I have been primarily focusing on increasing my hang time this off-season. For me, this has meant working on a consistent, flat drop in the perfect position relative to my body and working on swinging up through the ball rather than down the field. My hang-time has been solid the last few years, but I have definitely seen a direct correlation between my average hang-time for the season and the team's net punting stats. Increasing my hang-time will be the biggest benefit to the team in the fall."

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